A collection of the equipment that I use to go mobile with my filmmaking and photography.



I was blown away by the Apple iPhone X redesign, but I missed the larger screen/form factor that my Apple iPhone 7 Plus provided. With this new “max”-sized OLED display on the iPhone XS Max, all my smartphone needs are finally being met - not to mention how awesome the camera is. I can honestly say that at least 50% of my Instagram feed photos are taken on my iPhone XS Max - that’s how great this iPhone is. I do nearly all of my filmmaking on my Sony a6500, but whenever I don’t have my Sony or if I want to add a video to my Instagram Story, the quality of the iPhone XS Max camera does not disappoint and performs as a phenomenal backup camera.


I’m a huge fan of stabilizers, and even though the OSS that the iPhone XS camera offers is impressive, nothing will beat the silky smooth stabilized footage that a dedicated stabilizer will provide. For all of my iPhone stabilization needs, I’m using this Zhiyun Smooth 4 stabilizer. The difference is night and day, and if you plan on doing any kind of serious filmmaking on your iPhone or other mobile device, you’re undoubtedly going to eventually need to add a stabilizer to your rig. I consider this Smooth 4 stabilizer by Zhiyun the best in its class. It’s my go-to mobile stabilizer solution.


There’s going to be times in your mobile filmmaking and photography career when a tripod is going to be essential. Since you’re rocking a mobile setup, you’re not going to want to have to lug around a huge tripod with you just for your smartphone (your iPhone is device meant to be small enough to fit in your pocket - an accompanying tripod should be too). That’s why you’ll want to seriously look at investing in this Manfrotto Mini Tripod with a Phone Clamp for your smartphone. It can be used to help you vlog on your smartphone more easily, take photos with longer exposure times, and even expand your mobile filmmaking capabilities to allow for advanced filmmaking techniques such as time lapse photography. Manfrotto is probably the world’s leader in tripods, and this Manfrotto mini tripod is no exception to that status.