A collection of the lighting equipment that I use for all of my studio filming.



Lighting can make or break your filmmaking. You could have the best camera in the world paired with the best lens in the world, but none of that will matter if the lighting in your videos is poor. You’re going to want to some professional lighting equipment to take your filmmaking to the next level and this is the softbox lighting kit I recommend for that exact purpose. I’ve used this lighting kit for years - ever since I launched my YouTube channel in 2014, and I haven’t had a single complaint since, especially for the price. You get 6400W of total output, which is a lot of light, and bulbs that have a 90+ CRI rating, which means you shouldn’t experience any weird color casts in your videos. If you need better lighting for your videos, I’d say this softbox lighting kit is a must-have.


If you’ve ever wondered how some YouTubers get that beautiful “circle of light” in their eye when filming their videos, the secret is this bad boy right here. Ring lights can instantly change the entire look of your video for the better. The “circle” you see in your favorite YouTube creators’ eyes is actually a reflection of this ring light itself. It is a bright, powerful, dimmable 18-inch ring light that is perfect for numerous filming scenarios. If you can’t opt for the Fovitec StudioPro Softbox Lighting Kit, this ring light is a great alternative.


With all of this lighting equipment in your studio, you’re going to want to make sure you avoid any accidents. Sandbags can help keep your lighting more secure so that you don’t accidentally knock over any lights and break some bulbs. These sandbags from Neewer are perfect for protecting your lighting investments. They’re durable, heavy, easy to fill, and very helpful in protecting your studio.